Hitting Refresh to Drop Witty Comments

by the sandwiches

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released August 28, 2009


tags: punk Berlin


all rights reserved


the sandwiches Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: And Out Come The (Timber)Wolves
I'm not a clown
but i act like one when your around
this bar is my stage
and if this world is a circus
i ain't getting paid

for all the dumb jokes i make
for falling on my face
for hitting the ground all the time
for all those people laughing about me:
oh my god this guys insane

it seems like all the people came
just to stare at me
i act like a fucking fool
but i feel
yeah i feel like a hero

hey mom
its your son lying on the bathroom floor
so drunk,that he can't get up

it's certainly not what you raised me for
but its what i do best
tell me mom
when you look at me
tell me
are you proud?
Track Name: Ballad of Against_Me_Guy
I'm the king wearing a crown
which is made of broken dream
reigning a kingdom thats falling apart

im the chief in command
of an army that shoots
with missiles made of
forgotten promises

So don't you look at me
like i'm supposed to save you
im to busy sleeping in

it seems like this life is a school
where you learn how to fail
and im the best in class

an emotional disaster
everyones favorite fuck up
the martyr who forgot
what he was dying for
Track Name: V A N F L I P
Did your dreams evolve
into a nice home
or did they get choked
by a 9 to 5
did you find the peace
the one we once feared
much more than the war
we once called our life

and now i ask myself
how much longer
can i save myself
from being you

were you defeated

or did you give in

is this what you want
is this feeling safe
or is this just
what everyone becomes
once they have grown up
once their world has won
Track Name: Who Is Phone?
out come the timberwolves
like matt ramone having sex
underoath, dinosaurs
oh my god table

one question still remains
and its the most important one
what has all of this
to do with flashlight batman

max bemis thinks we're old
and all a little slow
he also thinks we're strange
i can say i'm proud of that

we waste hours in front of the screen
hitting refresh all the time
until we get another chance
to write a witty comment down

this band needs a vanflip
or graduate to heroin
oh my god that's mest up
i get this won't end well

one question still remains
and its the most important one
would or would not
holy balls do her?